Lakers Willing to Trade Everything for Injury Prone Anthony Davis!

The following table shows Davis’ injuries, illnesses in just the last year. Magic, Rob … are you sure you want to trade away the Lakers’ young core, some of whom will certainly be superstars in two to three years, for, granted, one of the most talented NBA All-Stars today, who spends considerable time each season sidelined due to injuries and illnesses?

Davis misses around 11 games more than the average All-Star per season. Is this really the best trade for the Lakers? You have already made serious blunders by trading now All-Star D’Angelo Russell away and later deciding not to match the offer which then allowed Julius Randle to become a Pelican.

You don’t have to bow to the wishes of LeBron James to trade and/or acquire players that he wants, like Carmelo Anthony … good shooter but plays no defense. LeBron has shown in the past that he is great at many things but not good at general manager type decisions, like signing and trading talent . 

You will probably be saved from screwing up again this time because the Pelicans’ are refusing to consider this trade now but acquiring Davis only makes sense in free agency, not a trade where you have to give up so so much! 

01/19/2019Left Index Finger
11/24/2018Right Hip Strain
11/04/2018Right Elbow Sprain
11/01/2018Elbow Sprain
03/07/2018Sore Ankle
01/08/2018Sore Ankle

Lakers Fans Enjoying Clippers’ Struggles

Congratulations to the Denver Nuggets for forcing a game seven against the Los Angeles Clippers. All of us Los Angeles Lakers fans are delighted that the other Los Angeles team (considered by most basketball analysts as superior to the Lakers) under-performed today.

Can you imagine if the Nuggets pull out this upcoming game 7 win against the heavily favored Clippers? The Clippers have never been to a Conference Finals game in their history and the Nuggets are playing with lots of heart and soul and composure to keep it that way. I would like nothing better.

I wonder if you noticed how ineffective Montrezl Harrell has been in this series? And Lou Williams isn’t having a great play-off run either. Montrezl can only be effective if you let him get in the paint. That’s where he does all his offensive damage. No opposing team in the playoffs will allow Harrell to penetrate the paint, so he’s looking and playing poorly, not like the sixth man of the year. Also, the Clippers have some really mean, nasty talking players, like Marcus Morris Sr. and Patrick Beverley who I think are borderline dirty players. Look at their stats in today’s game 6 … Beverley fowled out with 2 points and Morris Sr. shot 20% with 5 points. If these four players continue to play poorly, Leonard and George will have to carry the team. Do you think they can do it?

I can’t wait for Tuesday to see if the Nuggets can do the impossible. Let’s cheer them on!! The Clippers will never live this down if they lose.


LOS ANGELES LAKERS – Is the problem as simple as opponents’ rebounding?

Early in this 2018-2019 NBA season, the basketball pundits are already declaring that Los Angeles Lakers’ coach Luke Walton’s job is in jeopardy because of the team’s poor 3 and 5 start. 

Don’t you dare, Magic!!!

Those of you who know me know that I love to examine statistics to see if that helps in pinpointing problem areas.  There is nothing better, of course, than using the eye test and, when watching the Lakers so far this season, I  am seeing a problem with their opponents’ strong rebounding.  So, when I looked at  the NBA total team offensive and defensive rebounding averages this season to date,  I wasn’t surprised at what I found.

The rebounds average by team is 45.6 so far in this young season.  The Lakers have only held three teams to under this average and, surprise, surprise, it accounts for their 3 wins:   The Lakers held the Suns to 44 in their 131-113 win, the Nuggets also to 44 in the 121-114 win and Dallas to 40 in the 114-113 win.

I’m not saying there are no other problems (lack of killer defense, turn-overs, fouling their opponents, giving up leads in the 4th quarters), but I am saying that, while they are developing their team offense and defense and just getting to know each others’ games better, the importance of boxing out and out-rebounding their opponents is key to insure more wins.

Meanwhile, repeat after me …

“All We Are Saying Is Give Luke a Chance!!!”



Allie Quigley’s New WNBA and NBA Three Point Record

During last week-end’s WNBA All Star Game, at half time, the Chicago Sky’s guard, Allie Quigley, won the three-point contest with an amazing score of 29 in the final round.  This is the highest score ever recorded in the WNBA or the NBA  final round of a three-point contest.  And, in case you didn’t know, the 3-point line is the same distance from the basket in both the men’s and women’s league!  I’ve been saying for a while that the women out shoot the men with better form and accuracy.

Do yourself a big favor and watch this amazing feat on line.  And while you’re at it, find and watch the WNBA All Star Game, so much more entertaining than the NBA’s recent All Star Games.  The game was played at Minnesota’s Target Center and it was full to the rafters.  GO WNBA!!!!


Los Angeles Sparks Have Lost 4 of Last 5 Games!!

Hello Basketball Fans.  Yes, I am a devoted Lakers fan and I also love the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks.  You could also be a fan of the Sparks and the WNBA  … watch two games and you will certainly be hooked!

But, the L.A. Sparks have lost four of the last five games and I’m so worried about them.  They were in first place during much of the early season (and they have been to the finals the last two years including winning the title in 2016).  However, there won’t be a return trip this season if they don’t make much needed improvements now.  The main problem is they are not rebounding the ball on either end of the court as evidenced by their last place status in rebounding among all WNBA teams in this season to date.

They have amazing talent, Candace Parker, Nneka Ogwumike, Chelsea Gray, Alana Beard, to name a few, but there is a serious problem here.  Coach Brian Agler must be asleep and Earvin Magic Johnson has forgotten all about his Sparks while he concentrates on turning the Lakers into a team of players for hire.

I’m looking for a miracle as the Sparks’ chances seem to be slipping away.  Come on Coach!  Come on Magic!  Come on Sparks!  The WNBA players are improving substantially so you’re just not going to win anything if you give these opposing teams’players two or three opportunities to score!!!!! Is anyone listening?????



Love Letter to Larry and Jordan

Dear Larry and Jordan, I’m going to miss both of you!

First to Larry … your energy and effort and your good looks and your exciting dunks and your good looks and let’s not forget your leadership, your ability to get 50-50 balls, your good looks.  My friends will tell you that I called you “my boyfriend”.  There’s no way to replace what you brought to the Lakers and the fans.  We will miss you and I am sad that the next time I see you, you will be wearing a Cavaliers’ uniform.  I am excited for you, however,  that you will get the opportunity to go deep in the play offs, maybe even the finals.  Don’t forget me!!

And to Jordan … your floater is a thing of beauty, along with your love of the game, your ability to come off the bench and score, one of the best in the game at that, we’ve watched you grow and develop into the player that the Cavaliers know will help them going forward.  While you are probably very sad, you must also be damned proud that you are considered a valuable addition, a tool to help the Cleveland Cavaliers get another championship.  If I were to give you any advice, it would be to remember to always have fun when you’re playing.  It makes a tremendous difference in your game.  Thanks for everything you gave the Lakers fans and we won’t forget you!!

Orlando Magic show the Lakers how it’s done!

Nothing positive to say about the Lakers tonight.  I’ve got some stats that say it all.  The Magic shot 18 of 32 (or 56%) behind the arc versus the Lakers’ awful 4 of 20 (20%!).  And look at the disparity in assists … Orlando with 28 and the Lakers with 18.  How do you beat a team that just had a heart breaking loss the night before? … the Magic lost to the Rockets in a close one …  how about you make them work on defense?  You play with pace and you move the ball, force them to play defense each possession!  But it was the Magic playing exactly that style, with fresh legs, energy and determination.

Of course the two best players again for the Lakers were Randle and Clarkson with 20 points each.  Oh yeah, that’s right, the two players the Lakers brass have made very public they want to move.

Poor Lakers performance, poor coaching, terrible game plan!!!  I can think of other things that would have been more fun to do for 2-1/2 hours, like just about anything.

Who the hell is Fred Van Vleet and why did the Lakers not guard him?

I don’t have much to say about tonight’s Lakers road loss against the Toronto Raptors.  Randle and Clarkson and Nance played hard, as usual.  I like Caruso and hope that when Lonzo returns, Caruso gets Ennis’ minutes.  The team missed plenty of free throws … what else is new?

I expected the Lakers to have a difficult time in Toronto but why did the Lakers not guard Fred Van Vleet? 

This 5 ppg  forward had a career high 25 points in 20 minutes tonight and  shot a whopping 87% field goal percentage.   I mean, come on now!!!!!!!!!

I can deal with a Lakers loss but I hate when the team get embarrassed. Next game Wednesday in Orlando.  Let’s hope for better results.

Lakers’ defense defines their road win in Chicago

The Lakers hold the Bulls to 37.6% field goal percentage in Chicago tonight with strong team defense, leading to a 108-103 win.  On the season the Bulls shoot 44% but the Lakers made the Bulls work hard for their baskets tonight.  Chicago did manage to recapture the lead in the fourth quarter, primarily due to out rebounding the Lakers (with the final tally 53 to 48) but L.A. dug deep and pulled out the win.  The Lakers actually shot a better percent from the free throw line tonight than their opponents, 75% to 67% (Lakers 21 of 28, Bulls 16 of 24) !!  Hooray!!

It was nice seeing Brandon Ingram have a good all around game.  He was the game top scorer with 25 points and missed a double double by only one rebound and he had 5 assists.  Kuzma started out strong in the first half with 9 points but couldn’t find his shot in the second.  Fortunately, several Lakers scored double digit points tonight, Brook Lopez (probably intent on showing up his brother, Robin) had 17 points, Clarkson with 19 and Randle  14.

It’s a good start to their five game road trip and Lakers fans are happy to see them win four consecutive games again.  Next up is a tough opponent on Sunday when the Lakers face the Toronto Raptors.

And when is Lonzo Ball returning to the line up?????

Trade Rumors Swell (“As the NBA Turns”)

As the NBA trade rumors continue to circulate, one wonders how many, if any, will actually happen before the February 8th deadline.  Current gossip concerning top NBA players being traded includes the Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan, the Hornets’ Kemba Walker, the Kings’ George Hill and, the craziest of all, DeMarcus Cousins leaving the Pelicans for the Cavaliers.  As a big Lakers fan, I have a perpetual stomach ache from ongoing trade talks circulating regarding Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance, Jr., not superstars but important players nonetheless!

So let’s take a look at last season’s rumors leading up to the February 23rd, 2017 trade deadline and see what actually happened before the trade deadline (without boring you with the other players, draft picks, etc. involved in these trades):

By the way, when I started doing the research for this post, I assumed that most of the trade rumors regarding last season were just that, rumors.  But, as you will clearly see, a lot of the trade talk was an accurate reflection of these NBA teams wanting to part ways with the players that were mentioned in the rumor mill:

THE RUMORS WERE CORRECT … Serge Ibaka traded from the Orlando Magic to the Toronto Raptors … Nerlens Noel traded from Philadelphia 76’s to Dallas Mavericks … Kyle Korver traded from Atlanta Hawks to Cleveland Cavaliers … Taj Gibson traded from Chicago Bulls to Oklahoma City Thunder … Lou Williams traded from Los Angeles Lakers to Houston Rockets. 

THE RUMORS WERE CORRECT BUT NOT THE TIMING AS THESE TRADES OCCURRED BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF THE 2017/2018 SEASON … Carmelo Anthony from New York Knicks to Oklahoma City Thunder … Dwight Howard traded from Atlanta Hawks to Charlotte Hornets … Ricky Rubio traded from Minnesota Timberwolves to Utah Jazz … Brook Lopez from Brooklyn Nets to Los Angeles Lakers.

PLAYERS INVOLVED IN LAST SEASON’S TRADE RUMORS WHO SIGNED ELSEWHERE AS FREE AGENTS … Paul Milsap leaves Atlanta Hawks for Denver Nuggets … Rudy Gay departs Sacramento Kings for San Antonio Spurs … Rajon Rondo from Chicago Bulls to New Orleans Pelicans.

THE RUMORS WERE NOT CORRECT … Nikole Vucevic is still with the Orlando Magic although rumors persist this season … Reggie Jackson remains a Detroit Piston … Gorac Dragic is still a valuable Miami Heat asset … Brandon Knight remains a Phoenix Suns player but is out for the season with a torn ACL.

We may not know until next season the accuracy of the current trade rumors, but if last season is an indicator of accuracy, hold on to your hats!!!