Lakers Fans Enjoying Clippers’ Struggles

Congratulations to the Denver Nuggets for forcing a game seven against the Los Angeles Clippers. All of us Los Angeles Lakers fans are delighted that the other Los Angeles team (considered by most basketball analysts as superior to the Lakers) under-performed today.

Can you imagine if the Nuggets pull out this upcoming game 7 win against the heavily favored Clippers? The Clippers have never been to a Conference Finals game in their history and the Nuggets are playing with lots of heart and soul and composure to keep it that way. I would like nothing better.

I wonder if you noticed how ineffective Montrezl Harrell has been in this series? And Lou Williams isn’t having a great play-off run either. Montrezl can only be effective if you let him get in the paint. That’s where he does all his offensive damage. No opposing team in the playoffs will allow Harrell to penetrate the paint, so he’s looking and playing poorly, not like the sixth man of the year. Also, the Clippers have some really mean, nasty talking players, like Marcus Morris Sr. and Patrick Beverley who I think are borderline dirty players. Look at their stats in today’s game 6 … Beverley fowled out with 2 points and Morris Sr. shot 20% with 5 points. If these four players continue to play poorly, Leonard and George will have to carry the team. Do you think they can do it?

I can’t wait for Tuesday to see if the Nuggets can do the impossible. Let’s cheer them on!! The Clippers will never live this down if they lose.