Love Letter to Larry and Jordan

Dear Larry and Jordan, I’m going to miss both of you!

First to Larry … your energy and effort and your good looks and your exciting dunks and your good looks and let’s not forget your leadership, your ability to get 50-50 balls, your good looks.  My friends will tell you that I called you “my boyfriend”.  There’s no way to replace what you brought to the Lakers and the fans.  We will miss you and I am sad that the next time I see you, you will be wearing a Cavaliers’ uniform.  I am excited for you, however,  that you will get the opportunity to go deep in the play offs, maybe even the finals.  Don’t forget me!!

And to Jordan … your floater is a thing of beauty, along with your love of the game, your ability to come off the bench and score, one of the best in the game at that, we’ve watched you grow and develop into the player that the Cavaliers know will help them going forward.  While you are probably very sad, you must also be damned proud that you are considered a valuable addition, a tool to help the Cleveland Cavaliers get another championship.  If I were to give you any advice, it would be to remember to always have fun when you’re playing.  It makes a tremendous difference in your game.  Thanks for everything you gave the Lakers fans and we won’t forget you!!