Lakers Willing to Trade Everything for Injury Prone Anthony Davis!

The following table shows Davis’ injuries, illnesses in just the last year. Magic, Rob … are you sure you want to trade away the Lakers’ young core, some of whom will certainly be superstars in two to three years, for, granted, one of the most talented NBA All-Stars today, who spends considerable time each season sidelined due to injuries and illnesses?

Davis misses around 11 games more than the average All-Star per season. Is this really the best trade for the Lakers? You have already made serious blunders by trading now All-Star D’Angelo Russell away and later deciding not to match the offer which then allowed Julius Randle to become a Pelican.

You don’t have to bow to the wishes of LeBron James to trade and/or acquire players that he wants, like Carmelo Anthony … good shooter but plays no defense. LeBron has shown in the past that he is great at many things but not good at general manager type decisions, like signing and trading talent . 

You will probably be saved from screwing up again this time because the Pelicans’ are refusing to consider this trade now but acquiring Davis only makes sense in free agency, not a trade where you have to give up so so much! 

01/19/2019Left Index Finger
11/24/2018Right Hip Strain
11/04/2018Right Elbow Sprain
11/01/2018Elbow Sprain
03/07/2018Sore Ankle
01/08/2018Sore Ankle