Making free throws wins more games – MY STATS PROVE IT

So far this season, had the Lakers made all their free throws, they would have been in a better position to close out several games, such as the New Orleans home game earlier in the season or Toronto or the Philadelphia home game or the Phoenix home game. NOW I KNOW IT’S VERY DIFFICULT TO MAKE ALL YOUR FREE THROWS BUT IT IS SOMETHING THE YOUNG LAKERS NEED TO STRIVE FOR.

If they had made all their free throws in the fifteen games they lost so far this season, they wold have won 5 more games.  That would have changed their record to 15 and 10 and they currently would be in fourth place in the west, only trailing Golden State, Houston and San Antonio and above the Timberwolves!!!!


This is the beginning of a very fun relationship between you and me.  (That is of course if you agree with everything I say.)  Who am I? I am THE #1 Laker Fan and retiree, Basketballlady.  We won two in a row on the road.  Can we make it three?  It’s sure fun in Laker land.  What other team has their own Zo, Zu and Kuz?  I’ll be posting my first “Basketball Show” on my new YouTube Channel, Lady BS, after the game on Tuesday, so look out for that here and be sure to subscribe. This is gonna be good!!

that’s a pom pom on my head!