Lakers @ Thunder – Rebounds? Huh?

Well, do we all agree the Lakers can’t win without Lonzo Ball? And the mounting injuries are such a shame.  Let’s hope that Lonzo will be back Friday and KCP’s and Kuzma’s injuries are minor and Ingram did not re-injure his ankle.  And where is Jordan Clarkson?  Are the trade rumors getting to him?

In tonight’s game at Oklahoma City vs the Thunder, the Lakers had more assists, almost the same number of steals and blocks, shot almost the same field goal percentage, had a better three-point shooting percentage and the same number of turnovers.

But the statistics that most reflect EFFORT quickly show which team came to play and which one DID NOT:                                                                            

Tired Face on LG G5


                                                                Thunder                   Lakers

                                 Offensive Rebounds                        21                                 6

                                 Defensive Rebounds                       33                               24   

                                 Free Throws Attempted                12                                  4          


Very, very disappointing fellas!