LOS ANGELES LAKERS – Is the problem as simple as opponents’ rebounding?

Early in this 2018-2019 NBA season, the basketball pundits are already declaring that Los Angeles Lakers’ coach Luke Walton’s job is in jeopardy because of the team’s poor 3 and 5 start. 

Don’t you dare, Magic!!!

Those of you who know me know that I love to examine statistics to see if that helps in pinpointing problem areas.  There is nothing better, of course, than using the eye test and, when watching the Lakers so far this season, I  am seeing a problem with their opponents’ strong rebounding.  So, when I looked at  the NBA total team offensive and defensive rebounding averages this season to date,  I wasn’t surprised at what I found.

The rebounds average by team is 45.6 so far in this young season.  The Lakers have only held three teams to under this average and, surprise, surprise, it accounts for their 3 wins:   The Lakers held the Suns to 44 in their 131-113 win, the Nuggets also to 44 in the 121-114 win and Dallas to 40 in the 114-113 win.

I’m not saying there are no other problems (lack of killer defense, turn-overs, fouling their opponents, giving up leads in the 4th quarters), but I am saying that, while they are developing their team offense and defense and just getting to know each others’ games better, the importance of boxing out and out-rebounding their opponents is key to insure more wins.

Meanwhile, repeat after me …

“All We Are Saying Is Give Luke a Chance!!!”




This is the beginning of a very fun relationship between you and me.  (That is of course if you agree with everything I say.)  Who am I? I am THE #1 Laker Fan and retiree, Basketballlady.  We won two in a row on the road.  Can we make it three?  It’s sure fun in Laker land.  What other team has their own Zo, Zu and Kuz?  I’ll be posting my first “Basketball Show” on my new YouTube Channel, Lady BS, after the game on Tuesday, so look out for that here and be sure to subscribe. This is gonna be good!!

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