Orlando Magic show the Lakers how it’s done!

Nothing positive to say about the Lakers tonight.  I’ve got some stats that say it all.  The Magic shot 18 of 32 (or 56%) behind the arc versus the Lakers’ awful 4 of 20 (20%!).  And look at the disparity in assists … Orlando with 28 and the Lakers with 18.  How do you beat a team that just had a heart breaking loss the night before? … the Magic lost to the Rockets in a close one …  how about you make them work on defense?  You play with pace and you move the ball, force them to play defense each possession!  But it was the Magic playing exactly that style, with fresh legs, energy and determination.

Of course the two best players again for the Lakers were Randle and Clarkson with 20 points each.  Oh yeah, that’s right, the two players the Lakers brass have made very public they want to move.

Poor Lakers performance, poor coaching, terrible game plan!!!  I can think of other things that would have been more fun to do for 2-1/2 hours, like just about anything.